Art Department

We operate our own in-house art department. Our design team will work with you to create custom artwork for use on your apparel or products.

Art Room Specifications and Guidelines

Call or e-mail with any questions. 508-879-0544

Art Department

ELECTRONIC ART- Submitted by computer disc or e-mail.

We operate on the APPLE MACINTOSH system.


Any file saved by a program not listed above may or may not be opened by our system. Most of the programs listed have compatible files between PC and MAC formats

Art files can be saved in the program used if compatible with the version on the above list. We also accept: EPS, JPEG, TIFF, and GIF files.

Electronic art resolutions should be at least 300 dpi at full size if possible. NOTE: The lower the resolution the less quality when reproduced.

Please include any specific fonts used, or save the fonts as "outlines" in some programs. If not we will try to match the font or find a suitable substitute.

E-MAIL SPECS: It is recommended that any files be compressed if possible or send each file under a separate heading to eliminate any problems related to e-mail transmission. Do not group send files unless they are in a "folder".

CAMERA READY SUBMISSIONS: All art to be sent as black and white line art. Art should be proportionate to desired imprint size. Please be sure to specify the size the art is to be printed. Any halftone or gradient tones should be under 55 lpi.

COLOR SEPARATIONS: A separate printed page for each color in black and white.

STANDARD IMPRINT SIZES: Adult Full Size front or back 11" x 14"

Custom Sizes Available: Left Chest 4" x 4"

Youth Full Size: front or back 8" x 10"

° Faxes do not constitute camera ready art. Art charges will be applied to any work done from a fax.

°Do not add color or shading to any original camera ready art. Use a photocopy if necessary for color breakdowns.

°Typesetting, Editing, Separating, or Creating of art will incur art charges Art Room Specifications and Guidelines

Call or e-mail with any questions. 508-879-0544

Download Art Room Specifications - PDF, 196 KB